Sensual massage for couples in Hamburg

If you visit us as a couple, you can choose to be massaged in separate rooms or together in the same room. You can also choose if you want to be massaged by women and/or men.

Tantramassage für PaareIn separate rooms you and your partner have the opportunity to enjoy a sensual experience at the same time, yet the two of you have a better opportunity to focus well upon oneself and enjoy the sensations of your body.

We recommend this choice to couples, who receive a sensual tantric massage for the first time. This kind of massage best unfolds its full potential if you are well connected to yourself and your own sensations.

We often experience in couples with no previous experience of tantric massage, who wish to be massaged in one room yet, that it makes at least one partners experience less deep, because part of the inner attention (by looks, thoughts, sounds) always wanders off to the other, which distracts from deeper, more intense feelings and new experiences within your own body.

Please consider and talk about this before booking the tantric massage.

If you can intensely feel and enjoy your own body, you`ll meet your partner on a completely different basis and won´t lose this (yourself) as easily during an encounter (what can even lead to sexual dysfunction). Your partner will perceive you very differently when you remain well connected with yourself, your own body and sensuality during your encounter. This sometimes requires a little practice, but can enrich relationships considerably. Perhaps a new, exciting experience that you want to try out?

Whether you choose a tantric couples massage in the same room or in two separate rooms, in any case there will be a ritual together at the beginning of the session. You will also have the possibility to integrate the experience and relax together in one room at the end of any couples massage.

The accompanied couples massage

Another way to make a new experience as a couple is the accompanied couples massage. We recommend this massage for couples that each have received a tantric massage before and have already experienced the special space that this way of touching opens up.

Tantramassage für PaareThe real special event – one of the partners is massaged by an experienced massage therapist and is accompanied by the other partner. This is not meant to be any stress to the active partner. It is not a tantric massage formation and no specific performance is expected of you. We mean to provide an opportunity for a common space of sensuality with many different possibilities to join the massage and take new impulses for your sensual encounters back to your home.

You can also book this ritual with changing roles. One of the partners is massaged first and then the other.