About Tantra and Tantric Massage in Hamburg

The philosophy of Tantra is an important foundation for our work. Tantra means the connection between spirituality and sexual energy.

Bedeutung von TantraNowadays the expression „Tantra“ is used for all kinds of things, but mostly it is a synonym for sex without considering the tantric idea in the background. The word „Tantra“ is part of the sanscrit language and means something like innermost being, the core, the essence. It is deducted from the verb tantori „to weave“. Therefore Tantra means weaving or the essential

Tantra is an ancient eastern science of the spiritual enlightenment, which means reaching home to our own roots of identity. Tantra was born ca. 5000 a. Chr. in India out of the cult around the Hindu god Shiva and his partner, the goddess Shakti. Shiva was honored as incorporation of pure consciousness in a state of highest ecstasy and Shakti was honored as incorporation of pure energy. The joyful dance of Shiva and Shakti reflects in all living beings and manifests itself as pleasure, beauty and luck. In Tantra this is the being of the divine, the root of everything that is.

In that way Tantra reveals the truth for us, what we are ourselves. This happens by including everything what life offers us. Part of it is, of course, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and playfulness. In our society these feelings are put by side, repressed or charged with shame.

Practicing Tantra is about to live these feelings as something natural, to experience the sexual energy as a lifeforce and to transfer it to all parts in our life- activating our joy for life!

The meaning of love is an essential part of Tantra as well.

Bedeutung von TantraIn English it is difficult to define the word love. In the sense of Tantra the meaning is very clear. There is no romantic connotation or social obligation. Love in Tantra just means: I recognize and accept your innermost being. Love incorporates respect and freedom.

In Tantra the context, in which this can happen is transmitted through rituals. The Sensual Massage is a massage-ritual, where we would like to pass on the idea of Tantra as an experience.

This ritual makes space for the possibility to experience sensuality and pleasure in connection with love, coziness and relaxation.

Text: Smita Stehle www.sinnlichemassage.de