Sensual massage from woman to man
or man to man

We invite you into a protected space, where you can feel comfortable and safe. You don´t need to be concerned about hygenic conditions, cleanliness and esthetics are as important to us as they are to you. If you prefer to come together with a friend, colleague or business partner, we will be also happy to give you the massage in two separate rooms or even one room, if you request this when booking the massage.

During the tantric massage you will be experiencing your own male sensuality and lust. You can trust us and let yourself relax deeply into this new experience. Enjoy the opportunity to be completely receptive and passive, to deeply relax and let yourself be pampered. Here, you are under no pressure to perform and can be free of expectations.

During the longer massages (from 2 hours on upward), we also massage the bodies orifices, meaning the mouth, the very sensitive anal region and the prostate, if you agree with this. We are happy to give you further information about this and answer your questions, but, as with any detailed questions about the massage, please understand and respect that we prefer to address this in a personal conversation and not in advance on the telephone.

We do honour your boundaries and only proceed as far as feels comfortable to you. An experienced team of women will offer their services with attentiveness and respect. You can also request an appointment with a male masseur.

Whether you just wish to enjoy a wonderful massage or bring a sexual problem: You are very welcome here, just the way you are! We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you.