The Massage Ritual

Close your eyes for a moment.
Imagine you are calling us:
040 - 44 45 08:
" Art of Touch",
and you are making an appointment.

You are standing in front of the door, looking forward to what is going to happen, and you ring the bell. 
The door is being opened and you are welcomed by a friendly and attractive woman. The smells of sensuality and of prickly excitement are in the air, which are birthed from the curiosity for the new and unknown.
The woman is showing you the beautiful and inviting massagerooms and the bathroom. You know that you are going to be naked or sensually covered soon.



You are going to give yourself entirely into her experienced hands, and she will touch and massage your whole body in a very imaginative, knowing and beautiful way to awaken your sensuality.

FrauYou are receiving, while she is giving. During the massage each part of the body is going to be touched, and you go home completely relaxed.

Now you have made a totally new experience, that has touched you deeply inside and out, you are feeling relaxed and sensually awakened.

If you prefere, we can also arrange for you to be massaged by a man. Just ask us about it.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Art of Touch