Our Offers in Sensual Massage

Please calculate in an additional 20-30 minutes for each massage, so you do not have to rush and can enjoy the relaxation period after the session and shower without any stress. Please don´t come early because we would like to prepare everything real nicely for you and don´t have a waiting area. Please switch mobile phones off during the massage. Thank you!

The Classical Sensual Massage
1,5 hours 165 Euro

(We adapt this price to the current price level in Hamburg, but still remain the most inexpensive providers of authentic tantric massages).

The Exclusive Sensual Massage
2 hours 200 Euro
2,5 hours 245 Euro
3 hours 290 Euro
Each additional 30 min.   45 Euro

The Four-hands-massage: two women massage you simultaneously (double price)

Sensual Massage For Couples: prices as above, per person (for the massage in one room we charge an additional 20 Euro for increased preparation efforts)

The Accompanied Couples Massage
(recommended only for couples who have previously experienced at least one tantric massage before)
1,5 hours 215 Euro
2 hours250 Euro
3 hours (2 x 1,5 h)400 Euro
4 hours (2 x 2 h)500 Euro


All prices are final and there are no additional costs. Tips are accepted and welcome if you were especially satisfied with our service.

We invite you to let us know how you liked your experience with us and send an e-mail to: kontakt@artoftouch.de

An unforgettable, unique present!